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An established, privately owned, family company based in Ewen near Cirencester.

We cover the whole of the Cotswolds including Cirencester, Fairford, Lechlade, Cheltenham, Stroud, Malmesbury, and all Swindon Postcodes.

Our fully qualified plumbers, gas, and oil engineers provide the complete range of heating services, installation, maintenance, repairs and safety checks. We'll ensure you have heat whenever you need it.

We look after private households, rental properties, holiday homes, stately homes and commercial/retail properties.

Heating Jobs We Specialise In

boiler and unvented cylinder install


Gas & Oil Heating Systems

Annual Servicing

Routine annual servicing is the best way to avoid expensive repair or

replacement of your heating system – at home or at your business.

We strongly recommend that all gas or oil burning appliances are serviced at least annually, by a registered gas or oil engineer in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and statutory regulations, for your own safety and assurance.

If your appliance is not serviced or maintained regularly, it could develop a fault or become inefficient, leading to avoidable safety issues and costs. We also check on the quality of water within your system, reduced levels of anti-corrosion protectant leads to cold spots, circulation issues and reduced boiler life.

Breakdown & Repairs

We know it is never an easy time when the boiler breaks down, we aim to be with you as soon as possible. Our engineers have a wealth of expertise in both gas and oil heating systems, and will investigate and resolve the problem as soon as possible.


We can plan, cost and install the best system for you at home or at your business. On all projects we ensure we fully understand your requirements and objectives whilst ensuring we are conscious of your budget and time constraints. We strive to deliver all projects on time and budget whilst providing minimum disruption. All quotes for upgrade and installation projects are free of charge.

Payment Options Available

Need a new boiler or heating system?

Worried about the cost?

We have a number of payment options to help with your new Worcester Bosch installation


Unvented Cylinders

Unvented cylinders are a type of hot water storage system that is becoming increasingly popular in both residential and commercial settings. Unlike traditional vented cylinders, unvented cylinders are connected directly to the mains water supply and do not require a cold water storage tank. The unvented cylinder doesn’t rely on gravity to function, so it can be installed almost anywhere.

Highly energy efficient, with advanced insulation and heat retention properties, they can help to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. Being directly connected to the mains water supply, they provide high water pressure and flow rates with a reliable and constant supply of hot water. This means that you can enjoy a powerful and invigorating shower or fill a bath quickly, with no risk of the water running cold.

Energy Efficient

Better water flow and pressure

No loft tanks needed or risk of pipes feeding them freezing

Quick warm-up time

Reliable hot water supply

Improved water quality

Unvented Cylinder Heating System Layout
TRV on Radiator


TRV's & Smart Heating Controls

Smart thermostats and heating controls offer greater flexibility and control over your energy use.

They are easy to programme with weekly, daily, and hourly schedules, giving you total control, which may help to reduce the heating bills. Smart controls do everything that conventional heating controls do but are connected to the internet and offer more functionality, such as allowing you to adjust your temperature settings when you're not at home via a smartphone. 

We can install all the well-known brands; Hive, Nest, Tado and more.

Thermostatic radiator valves are self-regulating, designed to maintain a constant temperature in a room.

TRVs sense the room's air temperature and adjusts the flow of hot water into the radiator accordingly. They can help you save energy and money on your heating bills because your boiler isn’t using as much energy to heat up the full heating system.

Smart TRVs are another option, giving you the ability to remotely control and monitor the temperature of individual rooms and adjust from your smartphone.

Energy Saving

Money Saving

Greater control over heating

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